Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Another Night Home On The Range


After all my savings disappearing into Jupiter's emergency hospital stay, I wouldn't let him out of the house and into the hall.  Who knows how he got that infection that almost killed him, but I didn't have another $5000 to find out.

That did not make him happy.  Back on his feet, weight regained (and then some), he would sit at the door waiting. Patiently.  Looking at me with expectation that at some point his stare would command me to do his wishes.

It worked. Oh, of course I told myself it was so he'd get more exercise and lose a little of the extra weight he had put on from us feeding him frantically after he came home from the animal hospital.  Just a few trots around the stairwell with me right behind making sure no germs got him.

But, what he really wanted was to go visit Pat again.  And one night... tonight... I turned my back for a second or three and Pat opened her door and Jupiter scampered in and Pat rang my bell and I went to find him and before any of us knew it we were all watching the big white fluffy poodle win best in the non-sporting group.

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