Friday, January 2, 2015

Friday's Child Is Loving And Giving
And The Best Resolution EVER!

This is Your New Dog for Your New Year

This beagle/lab mix has an endearing demeanor and an impossibly adorable muppet-like face.

You can't even tell quite how muppet-like her little features are in this picture, but you can sort of get an idea. In person, it's literally mesmerizing to look her in the eyes. Her cuteness sucks you right in, and her warm personality keeps you hooked. Sasha is about 8 or 9 years old and has spent most of her life living in a sanctuary in the south. While she was well cared for there, this girl deserves to be in a warm bed at night surrounded by a loving family... so we brought her up to The Big Apple in hopes of finally finding her the life she deserves as she enters her golden years.

Sasha's foster mom says: "Sasha has the most gentle disposition of any dog I've ever met combined with a strong, wise soul. She's the one in a pack that exudes maturity, calm, and quiet, adding balance. She reads her audience well and always greets others with the most gentle approach. She is not phased around playful cats or dogs, and she's comfortable in a pack, whether it be humans or animals.

And as unassuming as she is, this girl is coy. She's so alluring to others. Even the biggest dog in the pack gladly takes the floor and gives her his bed to sleep in overnight. She is a charmer! She doesn't jump on furniture or take up much room at all and really just wants a nice furry rug or plush bed to lie in, and a window to see the outdoors. In the apartment, when she wakes from one of her long naps, she slowly and diligently scan the area to make sure all is in order, takes some water, or just finds a new spot to lie down, or a new dog bed to try out.

She is quiet. The only time I've heard a peep is a succession of muffled dreamy 'woofs' is when she is asleep at the side of my bed, where she's laid every night.

She is a slow and steady walking companion in the park and loves long walks. While she has some weakness in her back legs, you would never guess it when she is walking outside. This girl is determined and trots like a show pony with her tail wagging up in the air. She is an attention grabber, for sure. Now we just need one of her admirers to give her a forever stable home!"

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This gorgeous Cheshire cat needs a foster home now!!! Ruby is 9 years old and as wonderfully friendly as cats come. She loves to cuddle and be held, and she chirps (not meows!) for affection. She's overweight though and needs to get out of her cage so she can have some gentle exercise. Please help!!! Email if you can give this girl a temporary home... and some love!!!


That little puppy sleeping in a hand is now a big girl!!!

Social Tees rescued Reese fka Vilma this summer when she was just a tiny puppy... so tiny she could sleep in the palm of their hand.  She's about 6 months old now and looking like a gorgeous young lady!!!! 

Her family says: "You can see how much Reese has grown and changed since we adopted her. She is by far one of the most lovable puppies I have ever had. She is a huge daddy's girl and sleeps on my husband's lap all night and then in bed with her head on his shoulder... so spoiled... All the best for the new year, wish I could adopt more. (Maybe someday!)" 

Social Tees says:  "It's always so heartwarming and inspiring to see the abandoned animals we rescue go from rags to riches, flourishing in their forever homes. Happy New Year, Reese and family!!!!



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