Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Faster Than A Cable Car Going Down A Hill And Way More Fun

Photo by J. Wong

The toilet just started leaking and the interview can only happen in the middle of the afternoon.  In between there's a daily commute that tickles three hours for a ten hour day job and a home front filled with forty years of files and letters and photos and condemning history and lost time and good memories and horrifying fashion decisions to cull through.  Not to mention the laundry, the garbage, the recycling, the cat and the cat's food which can only be gotten at one place in one flavor or he won't eat it and which we've just run out of.  

And still, and still, and still...two years just slipped by because we were too busy laughing really hard as we flew down fast into more fun.  

The Mariner says he now knows why people are glad to come home. 

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