Thursday, March 14, 2013

When The Wall Welcomed The Woman

The massive change that swept through the house took with it the many things on this room's walls.  A need to start over with empty space so that thoughts could have no boundaries kept those walls bare for years.

At some point, the gift of a Bodhi leaf got hung near the alter.  It was hung even higher after the cat decided it was a toy to knock down.  But the rest of the room stayed open and clear of anything except one's imagination.

Then one day, during a visit with Jutta, the Mariner and I saw this new work and fell in love. 

Jutta didn't want to take money for it because she loves us and doesn't do art for money. But we had to buy it because we love her and art and no one who can do art this good should do it for free.

And the minute it was hung, it was as if it had always been home.

With thanks to the Mariner for the first draft.

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Her New York is teaming up with Social Tee's Animal Rescue and every Friday will feature a wonderful Friday Child that is waiting to join someone's family and make their house a home.

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