Friday, February 28, 2014

Friday's Child is Loving And Giving And Somebody's Soulmate!

Why, you might ask, 
does a blog that explores New York's 
disappearing landscape, family and home, 
write about cats and dogs up for adoption?

Why indeed.


Click here to find out.
Meanwhile, at Social Tees 
 cats and dogs, 
kittens and puppies 
are just waiting to show you 
what real love is all about
Just like one kitten did to me not so long ago.


A true story!!!

“We came to Social Tees looking to foster a small, fluffy dog, but instead we met Dingo! 

Super underweight at 40 lbs, Dingo had just been rescued from a hoarder’s neglect case. He had no hair on his back and had trouble walking long distance. He also had digestive issues (diarrhea) and slight bladder control trouble. 

We were hesitant at the beginning but Robert assured us that Dingo was the sweetest. It turned out that he was right! After 4 months of fostering, we couldn’t help but fall in love with Dingo’s goofy bark (think Pterodactyl), his soft eyes (always saying thank you), and his big bright bulldog smile. 

He is now a permanent member of our family and we are so proud to be his human companions. Thank you Social Tees for rescuing Dingo and for giving us the best dog we could possibly imagine.”


OOPSY BEAR - a teacup beagle of 10 pounds of very gentle, loving, and playful!! Right off the bat! He's also awesome with other dogs, cats, and every person (including kids!)

GRINGO!!! Seven pounds of friendly and sweet!  Great with all people and other animals. He's 10 yrs old and we don't want him stuck in a cage!!

DRAGON!!! A hunk-a-hunk-of-burning-love!!! One year old, covered in mind blowing beautiful black swirly stripes, and the friendliest cat you could hope to meet. He's a big boy!!  THAT MEANS BIG LOVE!!!

And your life will be love-rich forever!!!

Social Tees  
325 East 5th Street, NY, NY 10003