Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sunday Memories - A Bridge to Groovy

The teacher in charge of us singing was one of the very few hippy teachers at P.S.110 on Broome Street in the 1960s. He had a mustache that wasn't like the Hasids' facial hair and wide lapels and he was lanky and moved fast and languid at the same time, not like the men in the neighborhood who moved in various forms of clenched misery or defeated surrender to beige meals and lives.

Our class was required to sing at some general assembly and I, who remember nothing, not what movies I have seen or books I have read or conversations I have had, still remember the words to the song he had us sing:

Slow down you're moving too fast
you gotta make the morning last
just kicking down the cobble stones
looking for fun and feeling....

*Simon and Garfunkel
59th Street Bridge Song


Bucko said...

He was a cool cat, that guy.

In our band class we learned the song "Celebrate" by Cool and the Gang. I played it on my clarinet until my sister got tired of it and told me to stop or else.

c.o. moed said...


oh. wait. now I feel old.

Jo said...

hello lampost -
whatcha knowin?
i come to watch
your flowers grooowin...

Anonymous said...

My music teacher made us sing, "to Dream the Impossible Dream," to which I alternately lip sinc-ed and or sang the wrong lyrics, one line, delivered in my finest smart ass vibrato I dubbed, "To reach the unreachable....NOTE"
After 30 years, I actually DO remember all the words so thanks Mr. Romangnolo, wherever you are...why can't I bloody remember my blogger password??
Lorie Honor, anonymous