Thursday, July 16, 2009

Coming Home

He and his five brothers and sisters were found in a box on Queens Boulevard in the pouring rain.

From the beginning we liked each other

However, I'm allergic to cats.

And there was that story of a cat who lived with my parents briefly. It kept following Florence around all day interrupting her practicing. The message was clear: pets stymie art. The cat was given away on day three.


When someone decides they want to adopt you and they decide it with a heart that has greater horizons than any limits that appear, there is really nothing much you can do about it.

And this kitten decided I was his.

So, one day, quite recently, he took up full residence in an apartment I obviously had been renting for 33 years just so that, one day, he could move in.

Jupiter has come home.


Jo said...

it looks like he's dipped his toes in cream. what a cutie, you're lucky.

Cat Sitter in the City said...

What a gorgeous New York City cat!

c.o. moed said...

He's truly revolutionized my life. who says you can't teach an old dog (me) new tricks?

Susan English Mason said...

This is a beautiful post.

the jodi said...

I'm allergic to cats as well. I live with two. There have been as many as five in the house when I cat-sit my moms as well.

Most of the time I sound like I have a cold. Well worth the trade off. Unconditional love, endless amusing antics, more unconditional love and lots of lessons on patience and tolerance versus a little bit of congestion and sneezing.

the cats win, every time. congrats.

Jessica said...

Cats definitely choose their people.. right now we have 5, before the fire we had 8 and our neighbors say they may have seen a couple of them.. hopefully they'll turn up once we get back there!! :)