Sunday, September 20, 2009

An Encore and Special Sunday Memory #3: "Louise is the Smart and Good One." - Florence's description of my sister. (I was "the Nice One)

From Louise:

"My mother, Florence Moed, died on Tuesday, September 30, at age 84. She had dementia and had been failing for a while. The immediate cause of death was a silent heart attack and her death was quick. My sister and I are relieved. She was quite uncomfortable and no longer herself.

My mother had a difficult and often unhappy life. She had little love or support growing up from her extremely dysfunctional parents. She dealt with that, in large measure, by focusing intensely on being a serious pianist and piano teacher. Parallel to her devotion to Bach, Beethoven, and Brahms was her love of the popular music of her era, sometimes referred to as the Great American Songbook. It drove her nuts that she was so emotionally attached to these songs whose lyrics she sometimes found insufferably sexist. She was a lifelong progressive and a contrarian, especially regarding anything she viewed as bourgeois, such as marriage, sleepaway camp, taxis, and boasting about the accomplishments of one's children or grandchildren. She was very hard-working, honest, both very thrifty and extremely generous, and humble to a fault. She could be extremely irrational and volatile about personal emotional issues that she couldn't handle. Childhood with her and my father was not easy. Nonetheless, despite her quirky and difficult characteristics, she was a great mother. My sister and I were very devoted to her and tried as hard as we could to make her feel better about the life she had lived."

Louise Moed


Melanie said...

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Happy New Year.
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Vicki blakeman said...

I was one of her piano stud ts in the 1950's. I used to visit each Saturday to play piano duets and play with baby Louise, when I came into manhattan for my lessons with her teacher, miss goren. In 1955 I moved to LA but kept in touch with your mom for the next 20 years. She was wonderful teacher and warm, caring person who I will never forget!

Vicki Blakeman (née Lax)