Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Once I Was A Man

Now I am a fucking eunuch with a cone around my head.*

*According to Dr. Gagliardi of Cooper Square Veterinary Hospital, of all the hundreds and hundreds of neutering he has done on dogs and cats, Jupiter was the first to chew off all his stitches. And then after getting fixed up again, go straight for them again.

Cooper Square Veterinary Hospital
211 East 5th Street
NY, NY 10003


Alana said...

ouch! hope he'll be ok!

jodi sh doff said...

okay, I actually laughed out loud at this....

Margrethe said...

jodi - i did too, and we must pay, no?
c.o. - have i not told you something fun related to your jupiter then?
we briefly had a megaintelligent and funny siamese cat when we lived on st. thomas, whom my mother called mervene because she was "as fast as mercury and as beautiful as venus"...soft pats to your manly man jupiter from me