Thursday, December 10, 2009

What Really Happened In Rear Window


If you weren't James Stewart or Grace Kelly and let's face it no one in New York below 14th Street or above 86th was, that rear window was where private disappointments, thinking the darkness meant they were alone, screamed at one another, and silent prayers of despair and desperation floated up the air shaft with hopes there was a god listening.


Melanie said...

I was thinking about Old Timey New York and how the yelling and screaming was heard from the backyard at night. The shrill screams of cats outside--these common occurances no longer invade my space due to gentrification trends.Hmm... Love this photo. I took a Christmas photo at DeRobertis today--was thinking of you--will post later.

c.o. moed said...

looking forward to it! and I think you use the same camera as I do - a canon a75 supershot?

loved the pics, as usual!

Melanie said...

Hi--I use the Canon A590 power shot--it's a hard worker and I am happy with it. I bought it because of it's reputation and value. In my old SLR days--I used Nikons and way back in the day a Pentax which was a very good camera.