Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sunday Memories - Of Men and Mice... Part Three*

We went to the bathroom in the subway.

None of them looked like this.

Toilet paper was at a premium so it helped that Florence saved all the napkins from Nedicks. Sometimes there were doors. Other times there wasn't. And it didn't matter that there was a person in there that was talking to the wall or to someone next to the wall we just couldn't see.

Even if we didn't know their name or the name of whoever they were talking to, they were our neighbor. After all, we were all using the same bathroom.

*and now for the joke
MAN ONE: Are you a man or a mouse?
MAN TWO: Put a piece of cheese down and find out!

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cityofstrangers said...

Hi CO . . .

I wonder if those days will come back. London to it's credit, has brought back some subway bathrooms. Complete with attendants.

Like the comment about the keys in #2. Even when I'm not in NY, I have 'em out in my hand halfway up the block.

Not sure I get the joke though . . .


c.o. moed said...

it's an old old joke and one my father told - could have come from the comedy movies of the 30's I think it might be a Groucho Marx Brothers line.

Are you what you claim yourself to be or are you a squeaky little frightened thing?

Here I'm saying are you a New Yorker or not? there's only way to know - what do you do in this situation? A bit obtuse .... I'll blame exhaustion on that.

I do remember the attendants at the boys and girls bathrooms in the park I played in. They were the law. and those bathrooms were clean.

cityofstrangers said...

Ah. I get it now . . .

Kier Chu said...

wow nice memories!. i love you blog 101%. lol...

if you have time visit me ^^

Ill do gonna put you on my bloglist and of course ill follow you. hope you have to help me because i'm new in blogger :P jeez :P
Let us be friends? Thank you :p
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