Thursday, May 13, 2010

Part Two: Home Work

A series on the home we give our work.


I’ve made things ever since I can remember. By the age of 5, I was happily drawing perfect horses on demand for family members. In those days, crowded into a home with 7 other people, I drew anywhere and on anything I could get my hands on. Even then, drawing was an essential part of who I was

My first studio, the first space I could physically walk into, close the door and focus on only creating work was in New York 25 years later. Having cleared my world of many of the obstacles that repressed my art-making, it was here in this studio that I set forth to clear the mental obstacles that remained. More important than the drawings, videos, curtains and dresses that I made in that space is the personal growth the space allowed.

This is what my office space looked like in Brooklyn, NY, 2007.

This is what the space looks like in my head.



RaƩ Dale said...

easy guide to FCP3 ey did that work out for you? ;)

Bucko said...

Nice complementary images of outer/inner. Space and how it's organized is crucial. Whether you call it feng shui or just organized, there's something about how spaces are layered--physically and mentally--that can sweep in change and productivity.


I so understand:)

Transitions Through Time said...

I love this pic. and the blog very interesting.:(