Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Cat On A Hot Tin ... Wait. We Live In An Apartment.

This is one spot he hangs out in these days. The other is behind the toilet.

A couple of days ago it was too hot even for a hairless cat. I turned on the air conditioning in the bedroom, cooled the room and then got the cat from behind the toilet.

He was limp and exhausted and when I placed him gently in the cool bedroom, he stretched out deliciously.

A few minutes later I went into the bedroom to get something and found the air conditioning cooling an empty room.

Where was the cat?

Right back behind the toilet.


Anonymous said...

It's called "free will". Lovin those little white feet.

c.o. moed said...


I think he calls it "my way or the highway - it's 4:20 am get up and feed me..."

thank you for visiting and love your blog!

Laura Goggin Photography said...

Aww, my cat likes the cool toilet, too. That said, no matter how hot it is outside and no matter how sweaty it gets inside the apartment, nothing stops him from hiding under a blanket until dinner is ready.

cityofstrangers said...

Hi - too funny. We have a cat that likes to get in the shower - in cool weather and hot. But especially hot! Sometimes, she'll be soaked . . .