Tuesday, July 27, 2010

When Bliss Intersects With Home

But here's the best part. After the game they let all the kids run the bases.

And I saw this gramma running as fast as she could. She reminded me of my gramma running after me...

And then I saw the fiercest little girl bursting past home base to get some place important.

She wanted to hug the mascot.

The gramma caught up with her, a bit out of breath, calling to the mother in the stands, trying to describe how she couldn't keep up.

But what I saw was how times had changed. A place me and my gramma would have never been allowed on and here the distance and the decades lessened by a gramma who ran the bases with her granddaughter.


Anonymous said...

Your blog was about the park opening up to allow children (and gammies) to run bases, but it got me to thinking about how times have changed not only for the baseball park, but for women.
As women we have the honour of doing many things denied to our female ancestors. Every time you get the chance to do something "not traditional" grab it by the horns. It was only in my mothers lifetime, in this country, that women were finally accepted as legal "persons" with all the connected rights and privileges. So mamy things we take for granted; ownership of property, the right to vote etc, that our female ancestors had to work so hard for. We have a choice now, to be "traditional" or "nontraditional" women, as we please but I think we all have a responsibility to get out there and "run some bases" for those who went before.

cityofstrangers said...

Hi CO - Looks great. Fabulous sky. Wish I'd been there. Haven't been to a ball game since I was in Uranium City . . .a long time ago.


c.o. moed said...

mybabyjohn, absolutely. thank you so much for your post.

And City, not since UC???? NOOOO!