Thursday, August 12, 2010

a) Inheritance b) Neighborhood c) Heritage d) All Of The Above: Part 2

Laurel and Joyce’s Uncle Joe and my Uncle George were friends.  They both played trombone. This was taken at the picture studio on Rivington Street.  Wittmyers. 157 Rivington. 

But after the war, both of them left New York and that was that. The only thing Uncle Joe wanted from New York was his trombone.  His mother mailed it to him.


Anonymous said...

Sometimes you have to leave a place, in their case going to war, to realize that there is MORE out there. Once you have seen MORE it is hard to go back to the "same old same old". For those left behind it is hard to understand how anyone could chose to leave home. War changes so many people on an individual basis and so many families by association. Has there ever been a time in the history of the earth when there wasn't a war going on somewhere?
Just out of interest, do you know if they settled near each other?

c.o. moed said...

Interesting question! They both settled in Southern California.

bucko said...

where else can you go after NYC? Southern California, of course! My uncle left Philly, going into the Marines, and never looked back. Also in SoCal. Must be the light.