Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Nighttime at My Private Coney

We never went at night. We went during the summer or on New Years Day.

However, Florence went at night (naked swimming).

This night wandering through I wondered if her nights were as alive as this one.


bucko said...

Oh, these are lovely pics! They bring the energy of that crazy place alive, truly.

adriano hilton said...

the audio clips via the link are wonderful! i love the rickety tickety images, too. thank you for sharing.

Alana said...

I've never been to Coney Island at night, except in still pictures. Really captures the magic.

City Of Strangers said...

Hi CO - Yeah, in all these years, I've never been to Coney at night. You've inspired me . . . when it cools down of course. Can hardly leave my block in this heat.