Sunday, August 1, 2010

Sunday Memories - And What Was Your First Job?

Her's was when she was 12.

It was the depression, they were all stuffed into that tenement on Henry Street, and school was a thing of the past because only her brothers, my father and my uncle, got to go on to the next grade.

So a relative who had some connections nobody talked about (and maybe still shouldn't) got her a job taking bets at the Armstrong News which was a racing sheet.

She got fired because she talked too much.

At her next job, age 13, she got a job at one of the Settlement Houses and went on to changed the world.


Anonymous said...

There has to be at least one false start to every grand ending.
My first job was an absolute horror. I was 15. My dad came home and advised me that I was going to be a waitress for the summer. It was at least 4 miles down the highway. Most days I walked there and back. I was hideously shy at the time and being thrust into a service job didn't do anything to help the matter (or so I thought at the time) After a few days I quit. Dad was mad. The next year I got myself a job in an honest to goodness general store and never looked back. That first job is an invaluable lesson on many levels.

bucko said...

I wanted to help change the world, so I got a job walking door to door to get people to donate money for an environmental cause. Pay was shit and frankly, I sucked at asking people for money, not having then, as now, a gene that can deal with rejection. One woman gave me lots of money tho, just s I had given up on the job. There's a lesson there somewhere....

masister said...

Look how beautiful she was there. Ive been missing her. And you. Thanks for this. Love you.

Alana said...

I can only imagine what a 12 year old would witness in a racing sheet..sounds like my grandfather when he was the only kid in the neighborhood who had the guts to deliver the daily paper in the part of town that was a mob hangout and would have the balls to go back to the gambling houses to collect the money that was due to him for a whole week's worth of deliveries.