Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sunday Memories: Do You Know Where Your Memory Is?

There is no date on the picture, just a neatly written note from someone taught penmanship.

"this isn't a photograph, it's an illusion.


Who is he and why Florence kept this photo tucked away in other places than the photos she allowed to represent her life, we will never know. And it seems no one else does either.


Anonymous said...

It is interesting to get little glimpses of people; a snapshot, a fragment of letter, an unusual saved object. You realize that the person you knew had another life altogether to which you were not privy. It lifts them out of the mundane and makes them more exciting.
They look so young and beautiful in this photo, and now, mysterious as well.
What mysteries will we leave for our families to wonder over and try to solve?

Bucko said...

It makes me think that they looked at this photo and thought, like me, that there is no way common human beings can look so cool, so absolutely stylish, unless the moment's been created. Seems as if they knew it in that moment the camera took the photo, too. A wondrous moment!

Unknown said...

especailly like the crutches. My aunt with MS used those crutches.

The BA Guinea Pig said...


Melanie said...

There are some things so special and personal that one never talks about. Beautiful people at my favorite place--the beach!!