Thursday, October 14, 2010

GUEST ARTIST: It Was Her New York - Part XI

A woman truly from Her New York, Joni will be the Guest Artist for the next several weeks.

Dress Suits To Hire

This was the Second Avenue equivalent to a haunted house with so many rumors and myths (there had been a murder there she never left the place again she killed her lover no a man did because they loved each other no she killed her girlfriend) that a show was made and played on and off for years. One year on a sunny day I saw a woman outside selling rusted costume jewelry. I bought a bunch (unwearable unless you like the rusting look) just to talk to her. She smiled a lot and talked even more. Didn't seem like the murdering type.


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Laura Goggin Photography said...

This building is one of the neighborhood's biggest and most captivating mysteries!

I saw the lady out front a few months ago and talked to her - she's very friendly, but a little shy. I didn't want to ask her the story, yet the questions hung there on the tip of my tongue. That window has never changed as far as I can remember and there's a part of me that wants it to stay that way, frozen in time.

It would be cool to see earlier photos of that suit...a time-lapse series of it might be interesting.

Jeremiah Moss said...

i love this building and its sad mystery. i talked to the lady once when she was out selling stuff. she told me that "something terrible" had happened in her house years ago, and that she rarely ventured out ever since. i didn't press the issue.

i hope the window never changes, too.

Anonymous said...

The show was Dress Suits to Hire by Holly Hughes.