Sunday, October 10, 2010

GUEST ARTIST: Sunday Memories: It Was Her New York - Part IX

A woman truly from Her New York, Joni will be the Guest Artist for the next several weeks.

Tina, The Elephant, Central Park Zoo (early 1980s)

Joni said Tina was so unpleasant that when they were renovating the Central Park Zoo into a livable place for animals no other zoo would take her.

She lived in a small enclosure which had an outside back yard you had to climb up a steep hill of stairs to see down into. From a distance, it was looked like home and she looked like she lived happily in it.

Now, knowing more about the hearts and souls of animals, especially pachyderms, I realized she must have been devastated to be so far from where she belonged.

My sister and me at the Central Park Zoo (early 1960s)

Perhaps, from a distance, our lives looked good to someone else as well.


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City Of Strangers said...

Hi Joni,

Yeah, or not have any room, or any other elephants. Fascinating creatures - apparently they will grieve over their dead and sometimes return to the dead elephant site (or graveyard) to pay homage. Anthropologists say this is how we first formed settlements - coming back to pay homage to our dead.

I'm trying to remember the details and where I read this - possibly the Times.

Nice post anyway . . .


VH McKenzie said...

If it's any consolation, I think everyone's lives look good to someone else, the someone else who is not living that life. On the other hand, somtimes a life looks worse than it is, too.........