Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sunday Memories: When The Three of Us Went A' Traveling

Me and Louise on 44th and First sometime in the 1960's

My sister's violin teacher lived in Oz which required travel.

The doorman the stones the streets the trees the silence the restraint the language of air we didn't breathe or speak or understand Florence's unspoken admonishment to be on my best behavior

This was uptown.


Melanie said...

This photo is the cutest ever!!So loving and sweet.I love the headband..was it the plastic kind??I wore one too.

CG said...

I grew up in grassy, treed neighborhood of safe, middle-class houses, behind us.....woods. I try to imagine growing up in New York City, in that landscape of buildings and streets and masses of people....and I can't get there inside.
I love seeing you and sis, so sweet and young, looking so happy yet vulnerable in the big town. This, at the tail-end of the Golden Era of New York America.
I'd love to see more such photos....made more real by the words that trail them.

Alana said...

love the picture and the description in words of how varied the city could be over the expansion of avenues and streets.