Thursday, November 18, 2010

Brief Peace in Late Night

It was past the world's bedtime. No one was really there.

Still, the remaining countries who had waited days to speak stepped up to the podium, and in the formal shoes of a tired man or the polite heels of a fatigued woman, addressed the empty seats.

World, they said, let's give peace a chance our country is hurting your country is hurting we are all hurting there is no need for this...

If the seats could have nodded they would have and they would have made sure something was done to make it better. But instead, each word bounced and banged against walls and ceilings.

We, the scribes, though, we made sure the words didn't shatter against hard surfaces.

We, the scribes, noted stressed stated said and urged.

We, the scribes, made sure even in empty spaces peace was recorded and thus given a chance.


Anonymous said...

Peace.....the low budget solution in a high tech world, is not the popular choice.
Peace.....doesn't make important people any money.
And the important people like money,
So let the guns blaze on.

Thank God for the scribes who at least let those of us who are unimportant know that our ideas and hopes and dreams of peace are not the only ones in the universe.
What was that old saying, "One day they will declare a war and noone will come."?

Alana said...

I can only wonder what went through the hearts and minds of those tired souls addressing a near empty chamber. What those empty seats meant and grateful to know that people like you were recording it when the rest of the "world" ( i.e the big kids on the stage) had long departed.

CG said...

This is one of my favorite postings of yours.
I'd like to post in on a billboard somewhere.

Diz said...

And don't ever stop giving it a chance.