Thursday, April 14, 2011

Spring Has Sprung Across America!

In Illinois, they know it's Spring when the baby goats arrive and bounce and jump...

... while looking adorable for the camera. AWWWWW.. look at that adorable little baby goat!

In California, they know it's Spring when the almost eighty year old tortoise emerges, after his winter hibernation, from his garage box ... chomp on his lettuce while the new puppy wonders if that's a ball or a snack. Inter-species love!

And here in New York, we know it's Spring when those flowers on the trees obscure the view of the long line down the block of all the kids who spent the entire night out on the sidewalk screaming wooo wooo and singing that fucking Queen song over and over and over again while waiting on line for the premiere of the new DR. WHO.


With thanks to J.L. Wong for the Illinois and California.


Anonymous said...

Ah...spring in the city. Weeds in the sideewalk cracks and the smell of gasoline in the air, garbage blowing across the street in the April winds....wonderful isn't it? How I long for the country in the spring (and the summer/winter/fall).

City Of Strangers said...

Hi CO, Well out here in Brooklyn, it's the dogs barking in the back yards, the car stereos going off in the front and a general sense of mayhem rippling through the neighborhood. This generally goes on for a week or so until everyone realizes the warm weather is here to stay and calms down again.

Nice to see it all the same. Especially this year.


David said...

the mr softee jingle can already be heard up here in the bronx.

Laura Goggin Photography said...

LOL! These are all great.

I know it's spring when the restaurant downstairs opens the back garden and I hear screaming and woo-hooing every night past midnight. Who SCREAMS at dinner, especially in a restaurant? Apparently many thousands of people...for hours on end...from now until Christmas. I'd rather have to goats!