Sunday, April 1, 2012

Sunday Memories Encore: God Of My Understanding

As this week begins Exodus and welcomes Resurrection, a post of 2010 on prayer.

In the trenches, everyone had to figure out how they were going to pray. This being New York, there were many versions to pick from just in case you couldn't do the old white guy with the white beard up on a white cloud.

For a while mine was a hand on a doorknob. Somehow that seemed to opened me up to hope that the war, both within and without, would end.

This guy said his was always the Chrysler Building. He could always look up and see a beauty of lights.

Decades later, the hand on the doorknob often got dimmed by worry and fear. But with so many glass building crowding the sidewalk, I found myself catching glimpses of a beauty of lights, remembering that however I understand it, there was a greater expanse awaiting me. I just had to look up.


Anonymous said...

I remember this post....I like the idea of a hand on a doorknob.

Daniela B said...

It was a few years ago that during a sad summer I had a 'call', an urgency to get out of my apartment in the night. It felt for some inexplicable reason more comfortable looking upward.
A different landscape was before me. All those windows and their light were soothing my pain and I felt as lifting from the ground.
I that state of grace I started a new set of photos... Some magic is there...

c.o. moed said...

Daniella's website is where you can see that magic: