Thursday, May 31, 2012

Elisabeth's World

It may be a different vista than the one Andrew Wyeth's Christina looked upon.

But Elisabeth's gaze, looking back or looking forward, is the same.  A uncertain wonderment at a landscape that could become many things.

Will the hotel buy the building or will the lease be renewed?  Will the block stay a working block of mom and pops or become another obituary in a vanishing New York? Will the studio survive or will it become another casualty to the diaspora of artists leaving for kinder land?

Will, for just a little bit longer, this stairway still lead us with uncertain wonderment to a landscape that could become many things?


Anonymous said...

Those certainly are well worn old is that building?

c.o. moed said...

I'm not sure. Def. 1900's for sure if not earlier. That area has many old buildings like that with industry and small businesses still in them but as massive luxury businesses move in these small buildings are being torn down and businesses... well ... I worry for the economy of our city.

Laura Goggin Photography said...

I like the image of uncertainty and can definitely identify....a frightening state of limbo.

Elisabeth Lohninger said...

thank you, Claire! a moment and a situation captured authentically and truly. i feel that many of us are truly on the verge, and we have yet to see what waits beyond those doors - or on the next flight of stairs.