Thursday, May 2, 2013

Home Built By Each Note

The Promise - Marcelo Dominguez Trio

It was years ago when he came here.

This city feels like his city, up all night, tons of people walking billions of sidewalks going in all sorts of directions.

But it is not his city and even if he found people just as friendly as those he left behind and even if he planted himself in the music he needed to live in, and even if he found a supermarket that had food his mom used to make him, over the years I often wondered if he missed the wind and light that only happens on the street you grow up on. I often wondered if it hurt more than needing to be here.

I once loved his city. I once knew it as my home. Even when I missed the wind and the light that only happens on the street I grew up on, I moved down his sidewalks in joy, feeling like I had finally returned back to where I always belonged.

Leaving that home, losing what I had sought all my life, I thought I'd have to live in exile, even if I was living in the city I grew up in.

But that didn't happen. The words I had to write built a new home, one where I felt joy again.

And listening to Marcelo, I wonder, if indeed, the notes he had to play built his.

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